Amiko (original Soundtrack) Artwork

Amiko (Original Soundtrack)


Released: 8 Jul, 2022


Ichiko’s score to the award winning film Amiko, featuring the theme song ‘Hello’ .
Amiko is a movie  based on the debut novel written by Akutagawa Prize winning author Natsuko Imamura. Ichiko’s score won the 2022 Mainichi Film Award for Best Music.
Filmed from the perspective of a young girl, Amiko is the heartwarming story  that depicts the process by which her slightly eccentric yet innocent behaviour undeniably changes her family, classmates and other people around her.


  1. opening
  2. to the red room
  3. chocolate (cookies)
  4. theme of Amiko
  5. (chocolate) cookies
  6. rainy windows
  7. mushrooms, flowers, roly-polys
  8. after school
  9. cartwheels after the rain
  10. my brother
  11. the dusty playground
  12. there's no such things as a ghost
  13. road with a sea view
  14. skipping, stomping, sour sour
  15. the tunnel to grandma's house
  16. hello