「 Seabed Eden 」

Sep 13, 2020

Seabed Eden was born in May.

Rather than going out to the supermarket once a week, I touched the musical instruments at home or spend time in a bathtub. As it melts in the morning and at night, I usually bathe in a bathtub, put a keyboard at the entrance of the bathroom, and when it feels hot, I go up and touch the keyboard. It is a song that was born while doing that.

We are luminescent creatures in the shape of people. I have recognized this truth many times in my life. But in a world where people have begun to move so fast again, there are too many sounds and this truth is being buried.

The light is extremely strong in this moment of hardships, it is a gift that is sacred and naturally very quiet.

Death is always present. Just like the feeling of being alive. But the existence of death is a little easier to forget than the existence of life. It may be because it is difficult to continue living otherwise.

Saved by the rich inclusion of music, the proximity of death around this time gifted me with the Seabed Eden of my heart.


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