「 Give Back Friday🐋 」

Nov 24, 2022


私はもともとBlack Fridayの文化には疎かったのですけれど(日本でAmazonがCMし始めてようやく気がついたくらい)ご褒美のお買い物をするのはとっても素敵なこと。それをもっと素敵にできないかなとチームと相談していたら、私たちにぴったりの場所が見つかりました。


Hi Everyone,  Ichiko here🐋

Instead of encouraging unnecessary commercialism for Black Friday this year,  I have decided to support the ‘Give Back Friday’ movement – by teaming up with plasticbank, an organisation that organises  volunteers to clear plastic from our beaches and oceans, and then sells the recycled plastic to businesses in a sustainable way.

From now until the end of November, I will donate 20% of the total profit of orders made at my 100% merch store to prevent plastic from entering our oceans and beaches. With only one order we can help recycle the equivalent of at least 100 plastic bottles.  Not only do the local community collectors get rewarded for collecting waste plastic, it saves from new plastic from being created and our oceans being further polluted.

As you know, the ocean very dear to me and I would be very happy if this is an opportunity  to bring more awareness towards the state of our oceans 🌏.

During the making of ‘Windswept Adan’ and more recently, I continue to visit the southern most islands of Japan and this is where I get most of my inspiration. There I have collected  trash, observed first hand the state of coral bleaching and swam with the whales. The children on the there make key rings out of the plastic they find and use them as good luck charms, and they also use the trash stations to give messages to tourists.

Music is what I do best, and I would be happy if I could take more action to care for the earth and the oceans through my music. We can start by reducing the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives. Japan in particular consumes a very high amount of plastic, and it’s something that has always concernedme.

Plastic ends up in the ocean.  It’s the precious ocean where the whales, my principal singing teacher live. May they continue to sing comfortably.
I believe that everyone has a little bit of power can make a big difference.
Have a wonderful November and Thanksgiving, if you are celebrating it🤍